Morning Light Photography - May 2009 Newsletter

Morning Light Photography - May 2009 Newsletter

Fisher Towers, Utah
Spring is on its way to Estes Park! After a long winter the snow in town is finally gone and this morning I noticed a couple of trees daring to expose their leaves to the cool air. Everything is ready to burst forth with new life. It is an exciting time. Yet the mountains themselves are still locked in winter. This morning I was up at about 9'000 feet and it was snowing hard. Yet winter cannot hold on forever, and life and newness will once again prevail.

New Desert Photography

I took a short trip last week to the area around Moab Utah, visiting Arches and Canyonlands National Parks as well as other beautiful locations. It is always refreshing for me to shoot something completely different as it forces me to look at the world in new ways. While I was out there the flowers were beginning to bloom and the air was warm and sweet. Sitting high above the canyons as the sun rose was so refreshing, reminding me again of the wonder of this world we live in. If you are interested have a look at some of my new desert images.

Gallery Renovations

From today through the beginning of June my gallery will be undergoing major renovations. The roof is being repaired, the side entrance is being moved to the front, new siding will be added, flooring will be changed, etc. It will probably even be a different color by the time it is finished, though I don