Bonus Features

Bonus Features for the Bluray Disk

If you've purchased the "Images of RMNP Blu-ray Disk" then you are entitled to several bonus features. This includes four seasonal screensavers and four desktop backgrounds. They can be found on the latest editions of the Blu-ray disk or downloaded from the links at the bottom of this page.

These screensavers are designed to play on computers using Microsoft Windows. I do not have the proper software for creating screensavers for Macs. These screensavers are a bonus feature on the disk and so do not come with any type of a guarantee that they will work on your computer. We unfortunately aren't able to offer any support for these. Our trials have shown them to work well on most computers and we hope that you won't have any trouble using them.

Download the Winter Screensaver - 82mb

Download the Spring Screensaver - 135mb

Download the Summer Screensaver - 236mb

Download the Autumn Screensaver - 174mb

The desktop wallpapers are contained in a zip file. If you are using Windows, simply right click the file after you have downloaded it and choose "Extract All". On Windows based computers you should then be able to right click on these images and choose "Set as Desktop Background". These images are available in two formats (wide and standard) choose the one which best fits your monitor. One is for the typical 3x4 ratio monitor and the other is for widescreen monitors.

Download the Seasonal Wallpapers - 33mb