Themes: Very Large

These are images that can be printed in very large sizes, up to 4 feet on the short side as this is the maximum width that most modern fine art printers can accommodate. For pieces which will not be viewed from very close, it is also possible to piece together several prints to create an even larger image. Please contact me for pricing information.
mcclure pass, colorado, panoramic, aspen, aspen grove, , photo

McClure Pano 1

McClure Pass, Colorado

This is a beautiful aspen grove at McClure Pass, Colorado. I often have people ask me for large panoramic aspen prints so I did this one which can be cropped and printed to almost any size up to nearly 20 feet long!  It is a composite of 9 high resolution images. (Since such a wide variety of print sizes is available with this image we weren't able to list them all. If you are interested in this print or want to see a larger version to evaluate, please contact us.). Photo © copyright by Erik Stensland.

cedar breaks, bryce canyon, , photo

Cedar Breaks Glow

Cedar Breaks, Utah

This was my first visit to Cedar Breaks. It is a lot like Bryce Canyon but with a lot less traffic. I enjoyed an evening here enjoying the last light of the day gentle reflect from the clouds onto the formations below. Photo © copyright by Erik Stensland.

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zion, towers, virgin, sunrise, photo

Virgins of Zion Pano

Zion National Park, Utah

The Towers of the Virgin in Zion National Park put on a very nice show at sunrise. It was quite amazing to watch the rocks light up, the shadows compliment the scene while the sky behind maintained its color. It was a real treat. Photo © copyright by Erik Stensland.

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swirls, rock, desert, large, sunset, photo

Bush and Swirls


In a remote desert location I sat and watched the last rays of the sun hit this beautiful rock formation, lighting the textures and swirling layers of colored stone. This image is a composite of 25 photos and can be printed in a square format in sizes up to 48"x48". Write for pricing. Photo © copyright by Erik Stensland.

horseshoe bend, page, arizona, colorado river, , photo

Afternoon at Horseshoe

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

This is a heavily photographed spot near Page, Arizona. The Colorado river winds its way southward through this very deep gorge. To shoot this I stood on tiptoes near the edge so that I could get a good view straight down. To be different, I shot this image as a stitched panoramic which is comprised of nearly 30 photos allowing me to print this in extremely large sizes. It can be cropped in different formats and I have it both with boats in the water and without. Contact me for pricing and size options. Photo © copyright by Erik Stensland.

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2008, bisti, new mexico, sunrise, desert, celebration, , photo

Bisti Celebration

Bisti Wilderness, New Mexico

As day breaks over the desert of the Bisti Wilderness in New Mexico the world  awakens to life. For a few moments, all of creation seems to sing with joy. Even the rocks appear to cry out with words of praise to their Creator. Then, just a few minutes later, all is again quiet. A deep stillness covers the land as it goes back to patiently waiting. Photo © copyright by Erik Stensland.

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